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My name is Jason Simko and I’m an independent, brand-centric designer, illustrator and creative director located in Washington DC. After nearly two decades of agency life, I took a leap to go off on my own as what I’ve dubbed a ‘Creative Mercenary.’ By taking this customized approach toward working partnerships, I’ve found that I can utilize my specific skills and industry expertise on an as-needed basis. Rather than work for just one company, I’m now helping a number of design teams extend their creative capabilities.

As a seasoned, hands-on practitioner, I bring extensive experience to building comprehensive visual systems and brand identity campaigns. Likewise, as an accomplished creative director, I serve as a thought leader in brand development and conceptual implementation, as well as the formation of strategic communication and social campaigns. I see the design process from sketch to roll-out, either collaborating closely with project management, copywriting, strategy and technology teams, or working independently at the guidance of a project lead.

Sound like I might be able to help you out? Drop me a line today. 

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